Welcome to Kailash Bookings

Kailash IRC (a subsidiary of Kadampa Meditation Centre Switzerland)

All bookings must be made online via the Kailash IRC website (www.kailashbookings.org) We do not accept bookings made by letter, email or over the phone. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Bookings will be confirmed by email once we have received a 25% deposit of the whole course fee and your completed booking form online. The deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Before making your booking, please read the following information in order to decide what option to book:

    Option 1: Flexible Retreat = Course only.
    Please choose this option if you would like:
    – to come after the introduction of the retreat on the first day,
    – or to leave before the end of the retreat,
    – or to go away and return during the retreat,
    – or to have a special diet other than vegetarian or vegan.

    Option 2: Strict Retreat = Course, accommodation and meals at Kailash IRC.
    Please choose this option if:
    – you arrive on the first day of the retreat for the introduction and leave on the last day of the retreat,
    – and you will stay the whole time during the retreat week without interruptions,
    – and you have no other special diet other than vegan or vegetarian.

If you choose Option 1, please see the list of accommodations for rent in Törbel.

In order to secure your booking, you need to pay the 25% deposit in Swiss Francs. Only debit/credit card payments via the Kailash IRC booking website are accepted. On the day of arrival you will need to pay the remaining 75% of your fee in Swiss Francs. This payment can be made on site by debit/credit cards or by cash in Swiss Francs. (Swiss Post cards are not accepted, sorry for the inconvenience.)

Please wait until you have received a confirmation email before making any travel arrangements.

Cancellations and changes of booking
Please note that your booking is binding.

For both January and Summer Retreats, bookings for the whole retreat cannot be reduced afterwards to a part of the retreat.

Cancellations or changes have to be done in writing, either by email or letter.
The 25% deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Cancellations or changes of your booking can only be made up to one week prior to the start of the course you have booked for. After that date no refund will be possible of any payments you may have made towards the cost of the course for which you had booked.

Cancellations or changes of the booking made within the week prior to the start of the course booked for will result in having to pay the whole fee of the booking.

Accommodation and meals
Accommodation and meals are according to the announcement in the publicity, the website and depending on availability. Accommodation and meals are subject to alteration. All meals are vegetarian. Alternatively, it is possible to book vegan (diary free). Unfortunately, we are unable to cater for any other diets or allergies.

Centre rules
Please do not use candles, incense or any open flame device. Please observe in the building and adjacent property the 5 basic Buddhist principles: no killing, no stealing, no sexual misconduct, no lying, no taking intoxicants.
The consumption of meat, fish, alcohol or (e-)cigarettes in the building and adjacent property is forbidden. Also please refrain from playing musical instruments and engaging in noisy activities.

If possible, all courses will be held as announced in the publicity; however, the teacher, course topic, timetable, date and location are subject to alteration. Kailash IRC will refund the deposit in case of a change of date or a complete cancellation of a course.

Insurance is the personal affair of each attendant. Kailash IRC disclaims liability for theft, accident or illness.

Court of jurisdiction
Court of jurisdiction is Zürich, Schweiz
Zürich 01/09/2014