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Winter Retreat 2018

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Winter Retreat 2018
In the footsteps of Shantideva
Week 1: 3rd – 10th January 2018
Week 2: 11th January – 18th January 2018
with Gen-la Kelsang Kunsang

Week 3: 19th – 26th January 2018
Week 4: 27th January – 3rd February 2018
with Gen-la Kelsang Thubten

Strict Retreat = Course, accomodation & meals included
Please choose this option if:
– you arrive on the first day of the Retreat for the introduction and leave on the last day of the Retreat,
– and you will stay the whole time during the Retreat without interruptions,
– and you have no special diet other than vegan or vegetarian.

Flexible Retreat = Course only!
Please choose this option if you would like:
– to arrive after the introduction of the retreat on the first day,
– or to leave before the end of the retreat,
– or to leave and return during the retreat,
– or you have a special diet other than vegetarian or vegan.
Please find a link to flats and studios in Törbel here

The course will be conducted in English, please contact us if you need translation.

Strict Retreat = Course, accomodation & meals included
Flexible Retreat = Course only

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The great meditation master Shantideva shared his profound understanding of the Buddhist path in “Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life.” To this day, his powerful insights inspire sincere practitioners and help them gain direct experience of the stages of the path. This special retreat is a unique opportunity to look at our daily Lamrim meditations through Shantideva’s eyes and allow his words to settle deep within our hearts. Carrying the meaning of these words home with us will make all our daily experiences throughout the year deeply meaningful and lead us swiftly towards the pure and everlasting happiness of enlightenment.

Each retreat week starts on the first day with supper at 6pm and finishes on the last day with lunch. There will be several meditation sessions and one teaching/discussion session every day as well as a session with chanted prayers. During break times each participant helps with small jobs and there is plenty of time to go for walks and discuss the topics with other practitioners.

The retreat can also be attended by the week. Bookings for all four parts have priority.

During this course all participants observe silence in the morning until lunch. The library and meditation room are silent zones all day.

The course will be held in English, please contact us if you need translation.

Merit jobs:
Kailash IRC is a non-profit charity and the Retreat Centre, B&B and courses are all run by a few volunteers. Therefore it is common practice during an event at Kailash IRC that every participant helps with some jobs (e.g. chopping vegetables, washing dishes, tidying up etc.) and the final cleaning at the end of the course.

Bookings close:
for the 1st week and whole retreat strict on Monday 25th Decembre 2017
for the 1st week and whole retreat flexible on Monday 1st January 2018

for the 2nd week strict on Saturday 6th January 2018
for the 2nd week flexible on Tuesday 9th January 2018

for the 3rd week strict on Sunday 14th January 2018
for the 3rd week flexible on Wednesday 17th January 2018

for the 4th week strict on Monday 22nd January 2018
for the 4th week flexible on Thursday 25th January 2018